Creative ways to earn and use frequent flyer miles and points.

Earn More Air Miles and Points (Beginner Series) - Keeping Track

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Types of Miles/Points
Part 3: Determining Your Loyalty
Part 4: How to Earn Air Miles
Part 5: Earn More Air Miles - Elite Status
Part 6: How to Earn Hotel Points
Part 7: Earn More Hotel Points - Elite Status
Part 8: Applying for Credit Cards
Part 9: How to Earn Credit Card Points
Part 10: How to Earn Cash Back
Part 11: Using Shopping Portals
Part 12: Dining Programs
Part 13: Manufactured Spending
Part 14: Other Methods to Earn Miles
Part 15: Keeping Track of Your Miles/Points

You now know how to earn frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and even cash back!  But how do you keep track of all of those points?!  For me, the hardest part is having easy access to all of your loyalty member numbers.

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